carnage from the storm.

stone lantern

what must have been a freaky wind blast blew over a stone lantern in the garden.

either that, or a monkey knocked it over.

there have been monkey sitings in the neighborhood lately.

an aggressive monkey that charges people, so we are on the lookout.

 if the monkey doesn’t get you….

the spider might!!!

those bricks are 2 and 1/2 inches wide..

so that’s 5 inches of spider…

 not so itsy bitsy!!!



roses are red..

there are yellow ones too

if you are looking for quilts…

i have something in blue…

a mini rose at bloom in a pot

it would seem that there is a red one too..

lets see, shall we?? 

kai, in his red shirt, models in front of the red car.

i guess we like red around here…