coming soon. updates and photos and knitting and quilting!!!!

yah!!!! getting back into the swing of things…. today is a mid summer break school day. All three kids and husband off early with lunch/lunch money/ summer homework and poor me stuck at home alone!!!! what ever shall i do in their absence………..

mt baker……

Kai and I tried to walk down to the “crick” almost every day to see the cows, dogs, frogs, geese,kitties, chickens and whatever people were out and about…. most of the time we got beautiful clear views of Mt. Baker…. most of the frogs were squashed flat on the road….

happy birthday to me!!!

I had a birthday while i was there…. 9 candles…. i must be 39….. and the cake was awesome!!!!


Now Kai and I are back in Nagasaki.

I have a quilting project to get going on and i have a cotton warshrag on the needles.

Looking forward to some fall cool weather, which is a month or two away yet….

I hope everyone is having a great summer!!!

Don’t forget the blue moon at the end of the month….

you know I’ll be dancing!!!!!