full moon longing…..

last month, i could bask in the glow of the moon on my parents’ deck in Washington.

we sat outside watching it rise above Mt. Baker.

Bittersweet these memories.


this would be the twin sisters, i guess.

last night, i was joined by some women from the neighborhood,

we sat outside with nice wine, and good food

and watched the moon rise over the hills… through the clouds…

i love the moon, waxing and waning.

no matter where i go, or who i am with.

there is the moon.

“Barn Burned Down

Now I can see the moon




a time for peace.

those who know me well

in fact those who barely know me

will notice that i am not a bible thumper

i do have a favorite bible verse

which gives a time and a season for everything.

so i stitched it.

on my favorite scrap of rough indigo hemp.

then put that on some lovely linen

with some more scraps.

and then i bedazzled it with my pin collection.

and old earrings.

and hung it up.

today, we celebrate the 68th anniversary of the bombing

of Nagasaki.

a time for peace.

lynden 2013 058




finally found my blog

time to update. it’s been awhile. 3 weeks in the cool PNW and now back to the heat and humidity of Nagasaki in August. Yesterday , a birthday. half a century.


i will get back to blogging and posting. if anyone is out there looking, i will have some stitching action posted soon.