well. it’s november

it’s cold. leaves are falling and it’s time to take down the halloween decorations and hang up the turkey banner.

we have BBQ’d 3 times on the new table and each time i have forgotten to take photos!!

irori table with ash and 3 legged pot stand

we lay a grill over the top (after filling up with hot coals) and just cook on that…. we sit around cooking and eating as we go… after we are all done, we take off the grill, put in the pot stand and heat up a kettle of water…or a pot of soup….

dinner rolls with mashed sweet potato.

i am trying to get into the habit of making fresh bread every week. this batch is made with mashed sweet potatos.  Then recently i made rolls with mashed potatoes.  Making fresh bread just takes a little extra time but the results are so fantastically delicious.  The whole mixing and kneading process is so relaxing!! I don’t use a bread machine or a mixer… just my hands and a large cutting board for kneading.

CNN offered plenty of news and updates on hurricane Sandy

…to all my East Coast friends and family… I hope you are safe and sound and that you recover soon from the damage. My thoughts are with you….



found what we were looking for!!!!

and this is the table with the hole in the center!!

it’s called an “irori”

in the old days, houses were built with a fire pit in the main room

for cooking and heat…

now we have one in our garage!!!

Irori table

closed up, it can be used like a regular table…

the wood is really pretty and it’s nice and sturdy.

then, if we want to cook, we can open it up, and get a charcoal fire going..

ready for action!!

I have filled up the metal box with a very fine ash

then we place the charcoal on that and light it up!!

we haven’t used it yet, maybe this weekend.

Happy Fall everyone!!!!

this is the month we moved into our new house.

will be one year on October 15.

these are the flowers we didn’t see last year, but were surprised by this year!!

Harbingers of Autumn.

maybe called spider lily in english…