can you see the firefly??

cool photo!


my kids took these pictures….camping. July 2010


cicada coming out of it's shell

blue sky


cicada just out of it's shell.


goofy boy


yesterday was a National Holiday


which means ocean day

which means go to the beach and hang out

(and spend money and stimulate the economy)

we went to the river

not because of the recent shark sitings

and warnings to stay out of the water

but, just because.

well done

ready for action

birthday steak for the husband.

dead cow

mad cow

where’s the beef?

bag lady

i have been working on this bag lately, among other things….. the rain keeps me in the house and t.v. shows on the computer keep me entertained and stitching keeps me busy……

kimono width cloth bag

this dark blue cloth makes the most absolutely perfect sized bag.

with some sashiko waves on the side

and a rabbit (pocket)  frolicking with the moon…

lined with kimono width silky stuff

in my stash,  i have stuff i don’t even remember getting.

neighbors and friends give me stuff when they hear that i collect old stuff

i pull clothes out of recycle trash

i buy stuff at flea markets

i lined this bag with a scrap of stuff that is silky and from an old kimono.

recycling at it’s finest!!!

from sea to shining sea….

u.s.a. goddess
u.s.a. fish.
u.s.a. warshrag


Have a great day everybody!!

with your apple pies

and your fireworks!!!