come on sunshine!!!

continuing garden series...

everything looks so pretty in the garden.even high tech solar panels!!!.

40 panels have been installed and we are hooked up with the local power company to sell all excess electricity


For Was


Sending out light and love

for Jude and Was


for is it not true that human progress is but a mighty growing pattern, woven together

by the tenuous single threads united in a common effort?

—Soong Mei-ling (Madame Chaing Kai-shek)

tennis anyone?

my elbow hurts.

i think i have tennis elbow.

from quilting.

don’t laugh.

so yesterday, all day, i didn’t pick up a needle. i wanted to. i really really wanted to. but i didn’t. i took a day off. woke up this morning and my elbow still hurts.  i really need a quilting fix.  i really need to get some needle action.  sigh.

i had to run some errands yesterday and bumped into a little tent selling stuff.

good stuff.

old japanese stuff.

so i got this….

cool, isn't it!!

pretty sure it’s the god “Hotei”  , god of happiness…it looks great in my garden… just not sure where it looks best…  

does it look good here????


or do you like it better over here…

i think it looks good on the quilt… but i need to bring the quilt in because i have more stitching to do.

no pain, no gain.

i can rest this elbow when it gets too hot and humid to sew….